Project Description

This project included the renovations and additions to the existing entrance ramp at the CCRI Knight Campus.  The building was originally designed to have this long entry ramp connecting the main parking lot to the main building. However, after many years of exposure to the harsh New England weather and not being ADA accessible, it was due for upgrades. The scope included concrete repairs to the existing entry ramp, removal of the existing steel guardrail system and concrete guard walls. The renovations not only enclosed the ramp, creating an interior conditions space, but added an entry vestibule, ramp and stairs with planting areas at the end of the ramp.

The exterior façade is comprised of insulated metal wall panels with precast panels forming the base of the ramp enclosure, and a splayed curtain wall system to the North. Other components include architectural wood case work, thermoplastic membrane, ADA compliant automatic doors, sound-absorbing ceiling panels, fire-suppression, water-service piping and sprinkler system, upgraded HVAC units, electronic safety and security systems, and extensive earthwork and exterior improvements including water utility transmission and distribution and storm water conveyance.


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