Project Description

The 11,000-square-foot center, located at Upper College Road and Briar Lane, is a stylish, colorful and interactive facility that will serve 50,000 annual visitors–prospective students and their families, visiting scholars, guest lecturers, and community and business leaders.  The one-story structure features peaked roofs, wooden clapboards, stained cedar siding and large windows. Walkways will visually and physically connect the building to the heart of the campus.

The project is anticipated to receive LEED Silver Certification.

The center houses an open reception area and two presentation areas for information sessions, three offices, one large conference room, restrooms and flexible, float offices for faculty or staff to use for various university needs.

The state of the art facility includes four digital screens in the Welcome Room, two with interactive features, which provide visitors with event, academic and broad information about the University.  Other key features inside are the history wall, which highlights University milestones through photos and an alumni showcase, which includes poster-sized photos of young alumni who have achieved great success early in their careers.


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“This gives us an opportunity to teach real time interaction.”