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Project Team: E.W. Burman, Haynes/DeBoer Architects,
and Taylor Interior Design


Warwick, RI – E.W. Burman, Inc., general contractors/construction managers based in Warwick, has received a merit award from the Rhode Island chapter of the Associated General Contractors for the overall construction of a new mausoleum/chapel at Swan Point Cemetery.

The awards ceremony was held recently in the capital city. The new mausoleum chapel—a $5 million plus project—was constructed by the professional team of Corey
Deboer of Haynes/Deboer Architects; Nancy Taylor of Taylor Interior Design; and E.W. Burman acting as the construction manager. The building is designed in the shape of a T, with the cross arm housing the main chapel, family room and niche room or columbarium. The leg of the T is composed of 1,100 individual 2.5-ft x 3-ft x 8-ft concrete crypts, half looking inward to the cross shaped corridor and the other half acting as facing on the exterior walls. The total height of the structure’s crypt is 16 feet, with translucent skylights completely covering the aisle areas between crypt rows. Because of this expanded use of glass, 15 tons of air-conditioning were required to service the crypt portion of the building.

The doors of the individual crypt units are etched perlato (dark ivory color) marble, engraved with the bearer’s personal information. The units, which can be purchased singly or in multiple family groupings, are of 3.5-inch reinforced concrete.